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Is Your Old Boiler Leaking Your Pockets?

posted by Omo Ogundele on 14 September 2012

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If you own an older, less efficient F/G-rated boiler, then your boiler might be costing you a fortune in wasted energy and high maintenance cost.

Old, out of date boilers systems are said to have a typical energy efficiency ranging between 55% - 80%. Meanwhile a modern conventional boiler has an efficiency rating that can be as high as 97%.

Keeping in mind that your boiler accounts for about 60% of what you spend on energy in a year, it's quite important to have an A rated boiler. 

It is estimated by The Energy Saving Trust that upgrading your boiler to a more energy efficient model could save you as much as between £150 and £300 a year on your household bills.

It would also potentially reduce your CO2 emissions by 140,000 tonnes. Imagine what impact the potential savings would have on your pocket and the environment.

The daunting high cost of changing boilers may make it quite difficult to see the benefits of changing you boiler to a more energy efficient one. The fact is that it may potentially be more beneficially than these figures let on, especially when you consider that our energy bills are increasing at a rapid rate and this could mean recouping the cost of your system in a short period.

However as much as saving money on energy bills is important, one must not forget that the benefit to the environment (reduction in carbon emissions) is actually a major benefit to us as well. Plus the more modern boilers are safer and more reliable than the older models.

And HURRAY to Milton Keynes residents, you even get £150 cash back as an added bonus.

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