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New HECA Guidance is Here

posted by Jan Deacon on 26 July 2012

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We've been hosting Greg Barker MP in Milton Keynes today marking the launch of new guidance published today on HECA to help local authorities in England improve the energy efficiency of their residential housing.

A press release from DECC says:

"The guidance, issued under the Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA), asks local authorities to publish a report on their plans to achieve improved energy efficiency by 31 March 2013.

Local authorities will be required to identify practicable and cost-effective measures likely to result in significant energy reduction in all residential accommodation in their area.

The guidance also asks local authorities to consider the role key local partners, such as social housing providers and community organisations, can play in supporting their plans.

The Green Deal, which allows the cost of new energy efficiency measures to be attached to a building’s electricity meter, will be significant in helping local authorities to achieve their aims.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said:

“ Local authorities have a vital role to play in improving the energy efficiency of residential homes in their areas, and helping us meet our ambitious energy targets.

“This new robust guidance will support and encourage all local authorities to realise the significant benefits of upgrading homes. The Green Deal will be a fantastic tool to help with this, and I look forward to hearing how local authorities are using it to enable people to save energy and money.”

The Government strongly believes that local authorities are best placed to assess the green needs and ambitions of their areas, which they know better than anyone else. A well developed report in response to HECA, highlighting key opportunities, will help attract potential funding partners to work with the authority and other local community groups and stakeholders to the benefit of local residents and businesses.

The new HECA guidance will provide a clear outline of what is required, and local authorities will have to report on progress in implementing their proposed measures every two years."

The guidance is available now from the DECC website.

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