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Green Deal and ECO: House of Lords milestone and path to launch

posted by Tom Whitehead on 26 July 2012

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Another milestone was reached with Green Deal and ECO on Monday with the secondary legislation being approved by the House of Lords. 

The press release from DECC on Tuesday gave some more details on the timescales for Green Deal and ECO, as well as confirming that guidance for New HECA will be forthcoming very shortly. 

"From 8th August the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body will begin registering assessors, providers and installers. Ahead of the opening of the Register of Green Deal Participants, we will publish the Green Deal Provider Authorisation Guidance – essential reading for potential Green Deal providers on what they need to do to become established and authorised in that role''.

''From October authorised and accredited assessors will be able to begin operating so consumers will be ready to complete a Green Deal Plan at the end of January, when the relevant parts of the framework regulations come into effect''.

''Green Deal authorised installers will be able to complete work for consumers prior to the end of January if paid for upfront or wholly supported by the Energy Company Obligation. We expect the number of Green Deal offers available to build from there as more providers enter the market''.

''Also in October ECO begins, enabling energy companies and others to start delivering energy efficiency and heating measures."

At a Green Deal Providers Working Group meeting at Milton Keynes yesterday, DECC gave an overview of the timescales for Green Deal and the process for getting accredited as a Green Deal Provider.  They also confirmed that a guidance document for Green Deal Providers will be published shortly. 

It was clear from the presentations, from the various working groups that DECC have been consulting with, that, although many aspects of Green Deal and ECO have become clearer, there is still quite a long way to go before it is market ready.  

The big issues that still needed clarity were the Consumer Credit Act licensing requirements for Green Deal Providers, the formulation of cost effective warranties to meet Green Deal standard across all products, and clarity on how ECO will be calculated and regulated by OFGEM.

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