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Fledgling Community Group SwapShop Success

posted by Dale Hoyland on 11 July 2012

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The sun may not have shone on Andy Murray's Wimbledon Final last Sunday, but running alongside that epic final was Sustainable Stonesfield's (SUSTO) SwapShop.

This was the groups second event of this type, which invited local residents to have a clear out, bringing unwanted items along to be re-used by others. As the start time approached, the rain stopped, the sun came out and with it came lots of people carrying all manner of useful items. The entire event was free; some just dropped off items for others, some came along to browse, many did both. Teas, coffee and cakes were available for a small donation, as were smoothies made with pedal power, as photographed below...


Karl whips up a tasty smoothie with pedal power alone!


As each item was taken to its new home, it was weighed so as to track the overall mass put to re-use. A queue quickly developed at the weighing station, giving people chance to grab a lovely home-made cake on their way past.


Queue of happy SwapShoppers waiting for their newly acquired items to be weighed.



 Very happy with her new find...


Overall, over three quarters of a tonne of items were taken (compared to around half a tonne at their first SwapShop) by 120 people attending. A huge thanks to all who attended, and especially the team of people from SUSTO who worked so hard to make this happen.


 What a team!

Photographs by Dale Hoyland, Affordable Warmth & Community Projects Manager

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