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USEA Carbon Emissions continue downward trend

posted by Jan Deacon on 21 May 2012

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We have been monitoring our carbon footprint closely since 2009. Figures for the year ending March 2012 reveal an impressive 35% improvement from our baseline year with a 21% reduction from 2010/11.

Our success is largely due to a close focus on our business travel by car (grey fleet) which accounted for just over half of our total emissions in our baseline.

Our baseline calculated for 2009/10 showed we were responsible for 37.4tonnes of CO2 .  This takes into consideration energy used for heating and power in both our offices in Milton Keynes and Witney and our travel in the course of conducting our business.

We now make fewer journeys opting where practicle for meetings via teleconference; and when we do travel we plan better, using public transport where we can, car sharing more and fitting in several meetings in the same locality in the same day. These actions and others from our Green Travel Plan have led to 52% reduction in our grey fleet emissions.

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It's not all good news we are seeing an increasing trend in energy use apportioned to our Witney office. However we suspect we are not the culprits as we have taken steps that should reduce our consumption. Our office is located within the Council depot and our electricity use is not separately metered so we currently calculate our portion of the consumption based on the floor area we occupy.

However this doesn't accurately reflect our usage as in other areas of the depot power tools are used and there is electric heating where we have LPG. We are working with our landlords to try and establish a more accurate methodology, preferably separate metering.

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