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Final Stretch in sight for Green Deal

posted by Brad Hook on 21 March 2012

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Department of Energy and Climate Change Minister, Greg Barker, spoke confidently about the progress to date in moving towards the coalitions flagship green policy, Green Deal. Greg Barker, speaking at the first day of Ecobuild, confirmed that we are now entering the final stretch up to the launch this autumn.

The Minister also reminded us of the stark facts that the UK has some of the worst performing buildings in the EU and that over half of our homes lack adequate insulation.

Such is the Minister's resolve to make Green Deal happen, that some of the key limiting factors that many potential Green Deal providers have been concerned about have now been removed. We learned today that there will be no need to have a surety bond in place prior to authorisation and warranties will not be required for the length of the plan, although there will be 'robust minimum standards' to protect consumers.

USEA applauds the actions of the Minister and we think the road now lays clear to build a Green Deal partnership that will bring much needed economic revival to our communities as well as warmer, healthier homes.   

USEA is setting up a Community Interest Company, with its Local Authority partners to engage with consumers and the supply chain to ensure that Green Deal delivers the maximum benefit within localities. 

Whilst there have been various critics of the coalition policy, we firmly beleive that this is just what the country needs to stimulate local economies. At a recent meeting with the Minister, we were able to explain our plans and were encouraged by his clear vision to make Green Deal successful.

To find out how to become part of our Green Deal partnership contact Tom Whitehead.

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