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Climate Week 2012

posted by Ruth Wharton on 19 March 2012

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Last week saw USEA take part in Climate Week 2012.  Various events took place throughout the week.cw-logo

Photo competition  

Launched on Monday, staff were encouraged to take photos of anything related to the environment or climate change. 

Entries included ‘sunbathing ducks’ and a fabulous collage of cycling photos.  The winner is yet to be announced.

Climate Week quiz

Members of staff entered USEA’s Climate Change quiz with the chance of winning a £50 Ethical Superstore voucher.  

The winning member of staff, despite some controversy around internet searching, was Mark Saunders scoring 16/20.

Lunchtime cycle ride

Separate cycle trips were arranged at each office with the aim of encouraging staff to dust off their bikes and take to pedal power as an alternative to using the car.  

Staff in the Milton Keynes office enjoyed a cake and cup of tea on route while the staff at the Witney office headed off to a pub for a refreshing…orange juice.

Local food picnic

Both offices took part in a local food picnic making us all more aware of the carbon emissions associated with the food we consume.  

The Witney office enjoyed a banquet courtesy of Brad, a punishment for previous climate crimes.

Calculate your carbon footprint

Everyday at work we talk about helping people reduce their carbon footprint but we’ve never done it ourselves…we used USEA’s carbon calculator tool to assess our own environmental impact.  There were a few surprising results...  You can do the same, just click here

11th Hour Film Screening

On Friday staff were encouraged to take part in watching ‘11th Hour’, the Leonardo DiCaprio film which looks at the state of the global environment including visionary and practical solutions for restoring the planet's ecosystems.  

This stimulated interesting conversation and emphasised the reason for USEA existing.

The week proved that being kind to the environment is fun and we are hoping to do some of the events again in the not so distant future.

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