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Deal or No Deal for local installers?

posted by Brad Hook on 15 December 2011

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The advent of Green Deal will no doubt present market opportunities for installing trades, and many of the larger installers are gearing up by thinking about how they will organise finance, assessments, ECO funding and also tooling up for emerging measures like solid wall insulation. Many larger installers have had Green Deal on the radar for a long time and the road to Green Deal has been a key part of their business plans and long term investment.

But what about smaller installers? How, for example, will a two person heating domestic engineer company benefit from Green Deal?  That is a key question and one that is very close to the interests of our Local Authority partners because ensuring that the local supply chain can benefit from the local activity is a key economic development imperative.

As one council executive recently told us ‘the last thing we want is a load of vans coming from out of town into our District on Monday , doing all the work and then disappearing on Friday…’

Bringing the local supply chain into Green Deal is a key part of our consortium approach. We also know that government are keen to ensure that the smaller installer finds a place in the emerging landscape.

We will be holding a joint event in the new year with DECC to explain how we see the role for the local supply chain in Green Deal. We will publish details of this shortly.

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