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Fun and Games with Sony

posted by Mark Saunders on 14 December 2011

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I have recently been working with Sony to host two sustainability fairs for their staff. Since 2004 Sony have implemented a Global Environmental Management System audited according to ISO 14001 standards.  Sony clearly have in place a serious environmental  management system for all parts of their business, like all systems or processes it relies on rigorous control, management commitment and above all staff who believe in it. USEA has been helping Sony focus on the staff bit.  The sustainability fairs involved ourselves and partners Futerra along with local authorities, water companies and committed Sony staff in a mixture of games, interaction and advice.

What I took away from the events, apart from the fact even adults like learning through play, is that almost everyone I spoke to had a real desire to do more to drive down their personal and company footprint. Most knew what they had to do and just needed to discuss options or resolve some doubts. We used a basic carbon foot printing tool loaded onto our Samsung (sorry Sony) tablets to give people a feel for the impact they were having, but we did it in a fun way by having a footprint scoreboard with prizes. Sustainability can easily become boring and worthy. Those companies that can make the journey as rewarding as the end goal will find it much easier to reduce their impact, retain staff and do well.

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