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Low Carbon Hub is launched

posted by Dale Hoyland on 02 December 2011

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The much anticipated 'Low Carbon Hub' for Oxfordshire Community groups was launched last night in the stunning setting of Oxford Town Hall.

This was the launch night of Oxfordshire's Low Carbon Hub, which is an advice and networking platform for the great many community groups from across the county. Community action on sustainable energy and carbon reduction is essential if the UK is to achieve energy security in the future and reach its legally binding carbon targets.

As USEA's Affordable Warmth & Community Projects Manager (and indeed, as a keen volunteer in my own time!), I'm pleased to be able to work alongside many Oxfordshire communities, who have been leading the way in setting up and running successful low carbon initiatives. The Low Carbon Hub wants to help other communities in Oxfordshire do the same without reinventing the wheel - there have been some fantastic projects undertaken already, and this is a fantastic opportunity to share experiences.

A wealth of information is available on their website (please see the link to the right), with your questions waiting to be answered by an experienced team of 'Hub Advisors', so if you have a story to tell, or you're a member of a community group, or just interested in finding one near you to join, visit their site today!

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