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DECC publish Fuel Poverty Statistics

posted by Dale Hoyland on 25 November 2011

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House on Lakes Estate

Following yesterday's publication of the 'Annual Report on Fuel Poverty Statistics', it is interesting to note changes between 2008 to 2009 (the most recent data-set). Fuel poverty levels across the UK increased from 3.3 million households to 4.0 million, a change of just over 18%.

However, data would suggest that during this time, income increased on average, helping to keep an additional 200,000 households out of fuel poverty. Also, energy consumption declined (largely attributed to energy efficiency improvements), helping to keep around 130,000 further households out of poverty.

The report concludes that without such counter-measures, the energy price rises seen during that year could have pushed as many as 1 million extra households into fuel poverty.

I wonder if the same reductions in households slipping into fuel poverty will be attributed when data is released for 2011/12 in a few years time, with our current era of redundancies and unprecedented fuel price hikes...

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