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Why you should know your own carbon footprint

posted by Mark Saunders on 11 November 2011

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Most of us like to think we are doing our bit for the environment, be it by recycling, using low energy light bulbs, buying a new low emission car or the other myriad things that count for doing your bit. It might make us feel good, but do we know if our energy use actually falls and if so by how much?

You wouldn’t try losing weight without knowing how much you weighed in the first place. So if you are serious about reducing your emissions you ought to apply the same logic to your carbon footprint. Calculating your carbon footprint will help you understand which aspects of your life use the most energy, compare yourself with others and most importantly it enables you to track your progress.

Sometimes knowing the truth can be unnerving, but there doesn’t seem much point in doing your bit in blissful ignorance either. Why not measure your footprint using the tool we have developed and set your household a reduction target. You will need your annual gas, electricity, heating oil etc. figures as well as vehicle mileage and air travel data – the tool will help you work this out. Good luck. 


Excel File USEA Footprinting Tool (252 kb)

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