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Doing nothing is not a sustainable option

posted by Mark Saunders on 02 November 2011

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I recently read Gareth Kane’s excellent blog on why you should green your business in the middle of a recession.

His premise is that not operating in a sustainable way will eventually hurt businesses where it hurts most – in the pocket; and that if you don't go green, you will be on the back foot if your competition does. It is surprising then that going green is still very much the exception.

There appears to be just too much inertia, too much invested in not changing things. The sustainability agenda appears complicated and still after so many years its image is perceived by many to run counter to the prevailing business culture.

No one ever said creating a new sustainable business culture would be easy, but conversely no one expects businesses to instantly transform themselves. NASA didn’t wake up in 1969 and decide to put a man on the moon. It took ten years of planning and incremental development to finally achieve that goal.

And so it is with greening a business. Have a goal and a plan to get there and make sure it is properly resourced. Think big but start small, and be prepared to learn from others, including staff. Going green should be an inspiring journey, not a boring one.

To help you get started USEA have produced a short guide which you can download. 


Adobe Acrobat download Green Business Guide (5.2 mb)

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